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ReadON is an AI based cognitive remediation for people with dyslexia, learning differences, ADHD, Autism and Aphasia
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Empowering Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Special Education Teachers in changing lives. 

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"Peter is currently in grade 6 and was reading at a grade 1-2 level and struggled immensely with reading and writing. Peter gave up and was no longer trying. We were both in tears and fighting constantly in order for him to do his reading homework. Since he has been doing ReadON we have seen a complete turn around in his attitude. Peter since starting ReadON has also been very co-operative and doing his reading with no fights. It is very noticeable that he has gained confidence in his reading and is reading everything he can from signs and any other text that he encounters."




"Gavin age 14, was diagnosed with dyslexia and then spent quite a few years at school in an intensive reading program with little improvement to his reading but a great increase in his level of frustration. We started ReadON this year. The program was easy, enjoyable and with no frustrations! What more could a parent ask for? It really was an answer to prayers. The results were amazing. Gavin has noticed that he understands what he reads and enjoys learning. He will actually read books, magazine and newspaper articles, and even equipment manuals. It is wonderful to see how his self esteem has grown. I really hope that other families will be able to benefit from this wonderful program."

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"I was never a strong student growing up because I struggled with reading, and it really affected my self esteem. Nevertheless, I managed to develop coping skills that got me through school and into a job. Unfortunately, I was always aware that my poor reading skills were going to hold me back, and I had developed some pretty severe anxiety. When the opportunity to do ReadON first presented itself I was hesitant, but I decided to give it a shot. There is definitely a noticeable improvement in my reading, my comprehension, and most importantly, my confidence and anxiety. I am NO longer limited or defined by my reading struggles.”


"My son Rowan is 9 years old and has struggled in reading all his life. The school system had given up on him, they were no longer willing to teach him to read. As a parent that was unacceptable for us.  Since starting the ReadON program, Rowan's self-esteem has improved as well as his confidence, and he no longer gets as frustrated.  Now he enjoys reading a book and will read other things as well, instead of having someone do it for him.  He never wanted to read aloud in front of anyone, now he is proud of his reading skills and will read to anybody. This program has made such a difference for him and our family life. We are so thankful to have found it!"



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