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The ReadON Cognitive Test is a digital tool to assess cognitive abilities in children over seven and adults. Employing a series of online game-based cognitive exercises derived from standardized psychological tests, it aims to shed light on the individual's overall cognitive performance, pinpointing strengths and potential areas of concern. Any private or professional user can easily use this cognitive assessment.
This digital neuropsychological evaluation provides an in-depth look into a person's cognitive capabilities alongside their physical, mental, and social wellness. The online tool illustrates how one fare in areas such as attention span, memory, reasoning, planning, and coordination, benchmarked against others of the same age and gender.

It is important to highlight that this test doesn't confirm or negate clinical diagnoses. While it serves as a comprehensive cognitive check, it should complement, not replace, professional medical advice.


The entire procedure for this standard cognitive test can be finished online in approximately 30-40 minutes, with the flexibility to use either a computer with an internet browser or a mobile device via our iPhone/iPad and Android applications, thus eliminating the need for pen and paper-based traditional tests. The system automatically compiles the user's neurocognitive profile after completing the assessment. This report collates valuable information and presents it in a simple format, providing a complete snapshot of all cognitive skill levels.

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ReadON Digital Cognitive Skills Assessment combine the latest in neuroscience research with advanced AI technology. Our comprehensive and precise assessments powered by a leading US FDA Registered (#3017544020) Cognitive Assessment technology provide unparalleled insights into individual cognitive profiles, enabling healthcare professionals and organizations to devise personalized and targeted treatment plans.

Cognitive Skills are related to Physical Well-being and Social Well-being

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This is why the first step of the ReadON Cognitive Skills Assessment (CSA-Pro) is made up of a questionnaire to help detect alterations in any of the three areas of well-being and are adapted to each age range.


Cognitive or Psychological Well-being: Alterations in well-being integrate cognitive, affective, and emotional aspects in the different areas of human life. Mental or psychological well-being have an important role in one's health, and can cause alterations in physical and social well-being.

Physical Well-being: Recent studies suggest that science hold valuable information about the how close the relationship is between physical and mental state. Sleep, diet, and exercise are factors that determine physical well-being and that condition good cognitive function.

Social Well-being: Having a rich, constant, and appropriate social environment favors good social health. There is an emotional transfer that happens when we interact with others.

Brain and Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are closely related to different parts of the brain that work together to make it possible to effectively perform the activities in our day-to-day lives. While science has found that the executive functions cannot be linked to one individual part of the brain, studies have found that certain brain areas are related to specific cognitive skills:

Our digital cognitive tests are designed to measure a specific areas of cognition and are grouped together to form customized batteries like Cognitive Skills Assessment (CSA-Pro) our most comprehensive general assessment of the cognitive skills, Academic Cognitive Skills Assessment (CSA-ACAD) for K-12 students to evaluate cognitive strengths and weakness and its correlations to learning, reading, writing and comprehension, CSA-MEM and CSA-AT are useful in evaluating memory and attention respectively which provides specific guidance in cognitive profiles of people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)/Demential and Attention Deficit and Hyperacitvity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disorders (LD)


* ReadON cognitive skills assessment (CSA) is intended as an aid for assessing cognitive wellbeing of an individual. In a clinical setting, the ReadON CSA results (when interpreted by a qualified healthcare provider), may be used as an aid in determining whether further cognitive evaluation is needed. ReadON’s brain trainings are designed to promote/encourage the general state of cognitive health. ReadON does not offer any medical diagnosis or treatment of any medical disease or condition. ReadON products may also be used for research purposes for any range of cognitive related assessments. If used for research purposes, all use of the product must be in compliance with appropriate human subjects' procedures as they exist within the researchers' institution and will be the researcher's obligation. All such human subject protections shall be under the provisions of all applicable sections of the Code of Federal Regulations.


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