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Rehana Ameer, a distinguished Business Leader, Mentor, and Politician based in London, UK, has joined the advisory board of Orange Neurosciences


We are thrilled to announce that Rehana Ameer FRSA, a distinguished Business Leader, Mentor, and Politician based in London, UK, has joined Orange Neurosciences' advisory board!

Rehana Ameer's journey is a beacon of inspiration. She holds the remarkable distinction of being the first Indian-born woman elected independent Councillor in the City of London Corporation's 950-year history. Her pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication to effecting positive change are truly commendable.

As a serial entrepreneur, Rehana brings a wealth of experience and a profound passion for Healthcare, Education, Technology, and International Trade. Her visionary leadership has led her to establish the UK-India Health Partnership, an organization dedicated to strengthening the bond between the two nations in Healthcare & Life Sciences.

In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Rehana serves on esteemed boards including SOAS, University of London, the City of London Chamber – London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Rehana's educational background is equally impressive. She studied Public Policy at Oxford University and earned an MBA in International Business from the UK. Furthermore, her numerous IT and Management certifications underscore her commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Her multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication make her a valuable addition to the advisory board of Orange Neurosciences. We eagerly anticipate leveraging her insights and strategic guidance as we continue our mission to transform the lives of those impacted by neurodevelopment delays and cognitive deficits.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Rehana Ameer as she embarks on this exciting journey with Orange Neurosciences! 🚀

Please email us at to schedule a meeting to learn more about our Digital Cognitive Assessments and Digital Therapy.


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