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At Orange Neurosciences, we believe in AI technology's power to unlock every individual's full cognitive potential. Our mission is to deliver innovative, reliable, and effective digital cognitive assessment and digital cognitive therapy that empower healthcare providers and patients.
Our multidisciplinary team of neuroscientists, technologists, and therapists have crafted state-of-the-art tools that revolutionize how we approach cognitive disorders and cognitive skill enhancement. We are driven by the conviction that everyone deserves access to advanced cognitive healthcare, regardless of age or neurological diversity.


To spearhead a cognitive revolution, ensure optimized brain health and enhancement of cognitive skills for all, regardless of age or background. 

As we stand on the brink of a new era in cognitive healthcare, we focus on harnessing the power of technology to deliver robust, evidence-based digital solutions that address cognitive disorders and promote healthy cognitive ageing.


Our B2B and B2B2C clients leverage our groundbreaking tools to drive significant improvements in cognitive performance for individuals of all ages and cognitive backgrounds.

revolutionizing how LD is treated

Revolutionizing how coginitive skills are assessed and managed

Quality of life for Neurodiverse people

Improving the quality of life for people with declining of with deficits in Cognitive Skills

Equal opportunity for Neurodiverse peopl

Providing opportunities for neurodiverse people to reach their full potential

Neurodiversity ReadON


Neurodiversity can create barriers to social and health outcomes. From anxiety to depression, Dr. Vinay Singh, founder and CEO of Orange Neurosciences, saw these outcomes every day as a Professor and vowed to do something to help address the issues with his students. A scientist himself, he compiled a team of experts capable of merging the best from cognitive sciences, AI/ML, MedTech, Computer Sciences and education technology to develop a software platform that transforms lives.



Orange Neurosciences is a Social Impact Venture. We believe in creating a world where cognitive abilities are nurtured, empowered, and enriched for all. 


Our advanced cognitive enhancement tools are precision-designed and driven by research. ReadON is a proprietary platform for digital cognitive assessment and therapy, and it has won multiple awards from leaders such as MaRS Discovery District, Mindshare Learning's Dragon’s Den of EdTech, Carleton University’s Lead to Win, CODiE, and GESAwards (Special Track).


When compared to competitors in the field, our digital therapy is more cost-effective and achieves results fastest.

ReadON is protected by granted and pending patents in several countries. ReadON is currently available in eight countries, with more than 400 certified ReadON specialists and 110 certified ReadON centres, with more in the pipeline.


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