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Orange Neurosciences is driven to empower neurodiverse people to improve their lifelong economic and health outcomes. We do this through our subsidiaries, ReadON, our patent-pending online software that helps people with learning differences, and Titli, our newest online software that helps those living with autism improve reading skills by increasing reading

fluency, comprehension, language acquisition and decoding.

Orange Neurosciences was founded in 2017 by Dr. Vinay Singh with a team of global experts in the fields of education, medicine, cognitive science, neurotech, computer engineering, business intelligence platform development and others.


revolutionizing how LD is treated

Revolutionizing how learning differences are treated

Quality of life for Neurodiverse people

Improving the quality of life for neurodiverse people

Equal opportunity for Neurodiverse peopl

Providing opportunities for neurodiverse people to reach their full potential


Neurodiversity can create barriers to social and health outcomes. From anxiety to depression Dr. Vinay Singh, founder and CEO of Orange Neurosciences, saw these outcomes every day as a Professor and vowed to do something to help address the issues with his students. A scientist himself, he compiled a team of experts capable of merging the best special needs education, neurosciences and technology to develop a software platform that transforms lives.

Neurodiversity ReadON



ReadON is the first commercial property of Orange Neurosciences with the second, Titli, due in June 2021. 


ReadON is a proprietary platform for digital cognitive therapy, and winner of multiple awards from leaders such as MaRS Discovery District, Mindshare Learning's Dragon’s Den of EdTech, Carleton University’s Lead to Win, CODiE and GESAwards (Special Track).


When compared to competitors in the field, ReadOn is more cost-effective and achieves results fastest.


ReadON is currently available in eight countries with patents pending in 12. There are more than 400 certified ReadON specialists and 110 certified ReadON centres with more in the pipeline.



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