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Don't Miss Out: Dr. Vinay Singh, CEO of Orange Neurosciences, in Conversation with Vera Wu of DigiTimes

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Vinay Singh, the dynamic CEO of Orange Neurosciences, has recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Vera Wu, the esteemed journalist from DigiTimes, Taiwan's leading news portal. This interview is a must-read for anyone interested in the cutting-edge developments in neuroscience and AI and the impactful work at Orange Neurosciences.

A Glimpse into the Mind of a Visionary

Dr. Singh, known for his innovative approach in the field of medical technologies, shares his insights on the latest trends, challenges, and future prospects of brain research. His passion for making a difference in the lives of neurodiverse people through science is evident throughout the conversation.

Key Highlights of the Interview

  • Innovations at Orange Neurosciences: Dr. Singh discusses the breakthroughs and projects currently underway at Orange Neurosciences.

  • The Future of Neuroscience: Insights into where the field of AI, mental health and telemedicine are heading and the potential impact on society.

  • Challenges and Opportunities: An in-depth look at the challenges facing the digital health industry and how Orange Neurosciences is poised to address them.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to delve into this fascinating interview and join the conversation. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable to us. Please feel free to share the interview with your networks and engage in discussions about the future of neuroscience.

Read the Full Interview on the DigiTimes portal.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the advancements in neuroscience.

About Orange Neurosciences

Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Orange Neurosciences is a visionary digital health company dedicated to enhancing cognitive skills through digital assessments and therapies. With a commitment to preventative care and early detection, they are at the forefront of revolutionizing cognitive health management for all, including neurodiverse people.

Please email us at to schedule a meeting to learn more about our Digital Cognitive Assessments and Digital Therapy.


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