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Future of Brain Health: Orange Neurosciences and Andhra University Ink a Landmark MOU

In an epoch-making ceremony presided over by Prof. P V G D Prasad Reddy, Andhra University and Orange Neurosciences, Canada, have come together to ink a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that promises to reshape the landscape of cognitive science and neurodiversity in education. The event was marked by the official signing of the MOU by Prof. V. Krishna Mohan, Registrar of Andhra University, and Dr. Vinay Singh, CEO of Orange Neurosciences.

A Milestone Moment

This landmark collaboration aims to bring groundbreaking digital therapy and cognitive skills assessment technologies right to the doorstep of Andhra University's North Campus. Orange Neurosciences will provide its cutting-edge technology to the university through this alliance, serving as a cornerstone for advanced research and clinical services in the region.

Setting a Swift Pace: Inauguration of the Digital Therapy Centre

In a swift move that signals immediate implementation of this grand vision, Prof. P V G D Prasad Reddy inaugurated the first Digital Therapy Centre at Andhra University's North Campus. The centre will be open to all students and aims to serve as a vital resource for cognitive skills assessment and therapy for neurodiverse students.

Prof. Reddy also announced that two more such centres are on the horizon, further amplifying the scale and reach of this initiative.

The Catalyst: Prof. M.V.R.Raju

Special recognition must be given to Prof. M.V.R. Raju, Head of the Department of Psychology at Andhra University, for being the catalyst in bringing Orange Neurosciences technology to the university campus. His vision and initiative were crucial factors that made this dream collaboration a reality.

Community Impact and Research

Faculty members, research scholars, and students from the Department of Psychology at Andhra University will spearhead research programs and clinical services. These initiatives are not just for the students on campus but will also extend to benefit the broader community, making this a truly inclusive venture.

What Lies Ahead

  1. Research and Development: Collaborative research initiatives focusing on cognitive science and therapies.

  2. Clinical Services: Offering advanced cognitive assessments and therapies to students and community members.

  3. Knowledge Sharing: Periodic workshops, seminars, and conferences to keep the community updated with the latest advancements in cognitive science.

  4. Global Community Outreach: Using the research and clinical outcomes to contribute to the global body of knowledge and treatment approaches for cognitive health.

The Road Ahead

This MOU serves as a blueprint for the future, embodying the symbiotic relationship between cutting-edge technology and academia. Andhra University and Orange Neurosciences aim to set a new standard in cognitive neuroscience and therapy while fostering a culture of inclusion and scientific curiosity.

"Let us all celebrate this momentous occasion, as it marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the future of cognitive science and neurodiversity and over all Brain Health in India" said Dr. Singh

About Orange Neurosciences

Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Orange Neurosciences is a visionary digital health company dedicated to enhancing cognitive skills through digital assessments and therapies. With a commitment to preventative care and early detection, they are at the forefront of revolutionizing cognitive health management for all, including neurodiverse people.


Please email us at to schedule a meeting or an interview.


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