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ReadON was designed for success - be it children or adults, our research based intuitive software provides new opportunities for those with learning differences and dyslexia.

ReadON Orange Neurosciences

ReadON has been designed for children above the age of 6 who have challenges in learning.

Our solution has specifically been designed to help children:

  • diagnosed with dyslexia or a learning disorder.

  • have trouble picking up the skill due to ADHD or ASD.

  • They have poor working memory.

    See how your child, student, or client might benefit from our advanced ReadON solution. 

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Many adults go through life struggling with literacy skills. 

Advance your career opportunities, continue your education, or simply learn to enjoy reading.  ReadON can help adults who have struggled with literacy , including spelling to master these important life skills.

Our advance technology is geared toward adults who have:

  • good reading skills but can’t recall what they’ve read.

  • poor working memory.

  • eye movement control problems.

    See how ReadON helps your employability

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ReadON Orange Neurosciences
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ReadON is a cloud based solution available for both windows and mac computers

The ReadON solution is the most advanced solution designed to support children and adults with learning disabilities and associated mental health issues. 

See how ReadON can help your students, patients, or clients improve their reading and comprehension skills – in just a few weeks.

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