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Should we use online remedial education during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The global pandemic that has dictated the economic shutdowns of the last few months have adversely affected the lives of many. Unfortunately, the challenge presented is amplified when looking at online education, and keeping children engaged is now harder than ever- especially those who have special education needs. It’s important to understand ways in which remedial education can be optimized so that these students don’t fall behind, and can utilize this time to address gaps in their learning abilities.

Even in a ‘normal’ school environment, students needing special education are often not provided with the tools necessary to succeed, and this can affect their academic progress as well as their self-esteem levels. Students with common learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD may struggle particularly with reading fluency and comprehension, and this in turn impacts their performance in other disciplines or co-curricular activities. Oftentimes, these learning disabilities are misunderstood and pushed towards pharmacological interventions or remedial educators may not have the resources and bandwidth to address these learning disabilities at their root.

Due to forced school closures and summer vacation just around the corner, parents and educational therapists alike are finding themselves with their hands tied. There’s no easy way to solve the gap in remedial education, but luckily, advancements in Edutech are paving the way to address the educational disparities that disadvantage students with special needs. is an award-winning, cloud-based, neurosciences platform that remotely manages remedial intervention for special needs students. This software improves reading fluency, comprehension, math skills, focus, attention, communications and behaviour. is also a smart program, simultaneously developing an AI-based approach to benchmark reading fluency and cognitive skill levels.

With the program lasting about 15 weeks, and the only requirements being a computer setup with a monitor, internet access, headphones and a computer mouse, it is easy to use, accessible, and affordable. Being trapped at home doesn’t have to be boring or uneventful for children when smart educational technology is advancing to correct the approach to reading and learning. If you are a teacher, special educator, education consultant, or a parent, visit for more information and insight into the program.

This is the 'the time' to use online remedial education to empower people with learning disabilities.


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