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Samachar Live Features Dr. Vinay Singh, Founder and Director of Orange Neurosciences

Dr. Vinay Singh, Founder and Director of Orange Neuroscience Profile Samachar Live January 2020

We have heard and read stories of several entrepreneurs who have an ancestral business but started their new venture or who renovated their existing businesses. Or many other entrepreneurs who grew their business to heights. Though their stories are motivating in some of the other ways, most inspiring stories are of those entrepreneurs who were from simple non-business families and who started from scrap to establish their business.

These entrepreneurs learned from every step right from the inception date of their business. They failed several times but were not depressed. Their failures give them more passion and strength to move towards their aim of establishing and growing their business. These entrepreneurs with no funding and no experience as entrepreneur considered their hard-work, their passion for business, their knowledge and their strategy as their strength.


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