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Orange Neurosciences Wins EdTech Startup Challenge – Mindshare Learning Dragons’ Den Style 2017

Orange Neurosciences is delighted to announce that it is the winner of the 2017 EdTech Innovation Summit award in recognition of its innovative approach to digital therapy.

MindShare Learning Technology is Canada’s Leading EdTech Strategy, News and Events company. Through its national network of education and technology solution providers, MindShare was inspired to launch the Canadian EdTech Innovation Summit to better serve a rapidly growing sector that was fragmented and not clearly understood by stakeholders. Its mission is to provide professional learning opportunities in a focused forum to support and nurture deeper insights for both education and technology stakeholders; to inspire innovative learning environments to support student success and to maintain Canada’s leadership in education on the global stage.

MindShare holds an annual EdTech Innovation Summit allowing start-ups to pitch their platform, approach and achievements during to a panel of judges, made up of esteemed industry leaders and past winners.


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