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Educational Technology to Transform the Approach to Learning

Educational technology, or edtech, is the new approach to developing technological tools and softwares to achieve any desirable educational results- whether in the classroom or from home. We can now rely on technology to improve cognitive skills, effective learning, executive functioning skills, or even increased accessibility to essential tools of success.

The one-size-fits-all approach to education has never been more outdated or irrelevant. Now thanks to the transformative effects of technology, learning has become something that can be tailored and personalized to suit individual learning needs. is a SaaS, AI-based neuroscience platform that improves reading efficiency, fluency, and cognitive skills. This service is specifically targeted for students that may have learning disabilities, or have struggled with the traditional teaching approach of reading. With smart and dynamic technology, learning has never been more productive.

Being able to immediately identify areas of improvement, the interactive game-based software ReadON will algorithmically target these trouble areas, while simultaneously grooming the areas where the student is performing well. With a seemingly endless amount of data being pumped back into the smart software, it is constantly evolving and making changes to customize the program for your child.

The beauty of the program lies in the science behind the technology: neuroplasticity. uses concepts of neuroscience to rewire the brain, so that students can delve into the process of unlearning and relearning to reimagine how to approach reading. In addition, ReadON provides opportunities for cognitive skill development, making the product crucial for holistic development of children.


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